Thursday, July 31, 2014

Guess What?! Culottes!!

Guess what?

If you guessed culottes, you're either very smart or very literate (both good things):

Because I am, in fact, wearing CULOTTES!!!!

Yes, this is the best picture I've ever taken.

Man, I love, love, love me some culottes.  When I was younger, I had a white pair with a rainbow embroidered across the pelvis and down the legs.  They were a bit of 70s heaven and because of them, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for culottes.

In fact, I've been looking to thrift a pair for the past year or so, but without any luck.  Happily my Mom is basically a thrifting goddess and found this pair for me:

They make me smirk with joy!

Now, don't get me wrong; I recognize that culottes aren't the most figure-flattering things in the world.  But, they're beyond great for bike riding and I feel slouchy and cool in them, as opposed to sloppy and plump.

And this particular pair not only makes me feel magically cool, they have both pockets and awesome buttons:

Man, I love these things.

What about you, Reader Friends?  Are you a fan of culottes?

Happy Thursday, All!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Smile Brilliant!

Some time ago, the lovely folks at Smile Brilliant! contacted me about trying their at-home professional teeth whitening kit.  And, to be honest, I wasn't sure I wanted to try it.  You see, even though my smile is one of my favorite things about myself, I've always been hesitant to try teeth whitening due to my sensitive teeth.

But, the people at Smile Brilliant! aren't just lovely, they're smart.  Because they offer a desensitizing gel along with their whitening gel:

Image via

That gel right there was a life-saver for my sensitive teeth.  I can attest, from personal experience, that it really does help to desensitize your teeth so that you can whiten them.  How do I know?  Well, I tried my first session without the desensitizing gel, you know, for science, and I paid the price.  I could only whiten my teeth for half an hour before it became painful and remained painful for the next day or so.

For my second session, I got smart and used the desensitizing gel before using the whitening gel:

Image via

And it was perfect.  I was able to leave the whitening trays, customized to my mouth, in for an hour.  I probably could have left them in longer, but I wanted to limit how white my teeth got.  I've never been a fan of Chiclet-white teeth, so I only used the trays for a total of two hours over the course of a week.

The result?  Exactly what I wanted:

My teeth are whiter, but not ludicrously so.  (Well, obviously not, if they were ludicrous; they'd be plaid (my undying affection for whomever gets that reference)).  But, if you're into really, really white teeth, I have no doubt that Smile Brilliant! can provide that for you as well.  Again, I only used the trays for a total of two hours; if you want Chiclets, just leave the trays in longer.

If you're interested in professional teeth whitening at home, I highly recommend Smile Brilliant!  They offer their wonderful desensitizing gel and the custom trays at a fraction of the cost you'd pay to have your teeth professionally whitened.

Want more information?  Visit Smile Brilliant! and you can learn all about their products and even view a helpful video.

Happy Wednesday, All!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Double Cream

Double cream is hard to photograph, y'all.  In the sun my outfit is completely blown out, but the shade is a bit dark:

And then, to compound matters, at some point I made this face:

I think that might be my listening face, but it looks like I'm mad as hell.  I wasn't, but good luck convincing my face of that!

Eventually I got it together (stopped listening?) and quit looking as though I wanted to throttle someone:

Skirt: thrifted vintage  Blouse: LOFT  Sandals: Seychelles

But still, double cream is hard; it makes photography hard.  And, apparently, it makes listening hard.

Happy Tuesday, All!


Monday, July 28, 2014

The Human Highlighter

I'm basically a human highlighter in this dress, but that doesn't stop me from wearing it:

It's just so comfortable.  And bright.  I mean, does it get any better than both bright and comfortable?  (Hint: the answer is no).

I did tone it down a little bit with my increasingly ubiquitous olive jacket:

Dress: Gap  Sandals: Target  Jacket: thrifted

I swear, I don't know why more people don't pair neon peach and olive together.  Pro Tip: Few things help lessen the human highlighter aspect of neon peach more than olive.  Of course, olive jacket or no, I'm still highly visible in this outfit & therefore am linking up to Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.

Happy Monday, All!


Friday, July 25, 2014

July Showers

It’s been raining a bit here in Oregon and instead of complaining, I decided to take the opportunity to carry my new plaid umbrella:

It’s vintage and it’s tiny but it’s also plaid and I think I love it.

I know I love how it looked with my polka dot dress & olive jacket:

Dress, Jacket & Umbrella: thrifted  Belt: LOFT  Boots: Nine West

It’s going to head back up into the 90s again this weekend, which makes me happy, but I’m also happy that Oregon is Oregon and I had a reason to carry an umbrella in July.  Because it’s plaid and I think I love it.

Happy Friday, All!