Thursday, October 30, 2014

Freshman Football

My sweet darling oldest nephew played freshman football this year.  He had never played before, but at 6'2" with a size 15 foot (he's only 14!) they thought he'd be an asset in the wide receiver position, so he played.  And he did wonderfully, especially for it being his first year and for him being in the middle of getting even taller which is very, very hard on the knees.

Unfortunately, the freshmen played on Thursdays and often at small, out-of-the-way country schools so I was only able to attend one game.  It was the last game of the season and they won (no doubt in no small part due to my presence).  This is what I wore:

I know the poncho isn't the most flattering piece of clothing ever, but it's orange!  And warm and comfy.  And orange!

Poncho: Target via Goodwill (similar, similar)

It's sort of funny because it's a Target poncho, but I found it at Goodwill.  Sometimes I think perhaps I don't spend enough time in Target, which seems impossible, because I often find Target stuff in the thrift stores that I don't ever remember seeing in an actual Target.  Does that ever happen to you, Reader Friends?

So, as much as I'd like to be able to tell you that this is last year's Target or whatever, I really don't know.  I just know that it's warm, comfy and orange:

Jean: Old Navy   Boots: Born Crown (similar)

Oh, and, perfect for freshman football games, of course.

Happy Thursday, All!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Can't Believe It's Not Vintage

This top is not vintage:

I know, I know, I can't believe it either!  I mean, look at this print:

Delightful and very vintage, right?  Well, half right.  It is definitely delightful, but it's also very definitely not vintage.  It's actually Foxcroft.

They contacted me recently to try some of their new pieces and let me just say that I was very pleasantly surprised by the selection.  I knew that Foxcroft shirts were well made and can free one from the tyranny of ironing (hallelujah!) but I had no idea they were so fun.  I often shy away from venerable brands like Foxcroft because I don't feel like I have enough gravitas to pull them off, but with some of their new prints, I can wear them and continue to live my gravitas-free lifestyle.

Like this top for example:

This fun, bright print is the "vintage royal" print and represents the vision of Foxcroft's head designer, Laura Poretzky-Garcia, to find inspiration from Foxcroft's vast print, fabric and design archives.

And I think that's fabulous.  As much as I love vintage, I also really love brands that do modern vintage, like this blouse.  Because, if this blouse were true vintage, it'd probably be made of sweat-inducing polyester and be too narrow for my "modern" shoulders (I call them modern because they get mad when I call them "linebacker-like").

Also, although it's not vintage, this top fits perfect with the rest of my outfit, which is vintage:

Top: c/o Foxcroft  Sweater & Culottes: thrifted vintage  Shoes: Steve Madden

That's right.  No iron, no sweat, no tall-girl-in-a-narrow-shirt and plays well with vintage.  Win-win.

And you can win too; right now Foxcroft is having their Friends & Family event and everything is 40% off through Friday.  That includes the top I'm wearing, this other delightfully vintage-y blouse and this amazing houndstooth piece.

Happy Tuesday, All!


Please Note: Although this blouse was given to me in exchange for a review, all opinion expressed on this blog are my own.  And that means that if the top was not great (Bob) I'd tell you.  Promise.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Blue Plaid

As you all know, I love blue; blue hair, blue shoes, the blues.  I just love blue.  And I love plaid.  Especially for fall.  So, imagine the joy I felt at seeing these blue plaid (blue plaid!) skinnies at Gap:

Not only are they blue plaid, but they're subtle blue plaid.  My thighs and I had a long talk at our last peace summit and they agreed I could wear plaid as long as it wasn't screaming-70s-leisure-suit plaid (their words, not mine).  Happily, these pants fit that bill nicely.

Pants: Gap   Top & Cardigan: LOFT  Shoes: Nine West

So nicely that I heard nary a peep from my thighs while I was wearing these.  And that's kind of a big deal because my thighs consider almost everything I wear as a casus belli.

Happy Monday, All!


Get the Look

Friday, October 24, 2014

Skipjack Weather

I have a lot of scarves.  No, really.  I mean a noticeably large amount of scarves.  But, my very favorite scarf is my skipjack cowl:

I love it for a lot of reasons.  One, because it's made right here in the Pacific Northwest by a Seattle knitter.  I love that and love the fact that I actually had the opportunity to meet the woman who makes them; her name is Anna and she has an Etsy shop called Victory Garden Yarn.  Anna is really, really nice and she makes beautiful scarves.  Like this skipjack cowl scarf:

Scarf: Victory Garden Yarn  Sweatshirt: thrifted  Jeans: Old Navy  Boots: Born (similar)

I also love it because the rust color is so perfect for fall.  And perfect for me given my love of orange. And love it because it's warm but not too hot, so, once again, perfect for fall.  Last, but not least, I love it because it looks cool.  And I need all the cool I can get in my wardrobe.

As you can see, I am super, super excited that it's finally skipjack weather here in Oregon. I think I'm going to celebrate by wearing the heck out of this scarf.

Happy Friday, All!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Making Do

I don't own a denim jacket for the same reasons I didn't own a denim skirt before this one.  Because between the denim and my broad shoulders, I end up looking like a denim box.  And I'm usually okay with the decision not to look like a denim box.  But, once every two years or so, I end up wishing that I had a denim jacket because I am convinced it would be the perfect finishing piece for whatever I'm wearing.

This biennium, it was this outfit:

I don't know why, but this outfit just cried out for some denim.  I think it's the tiger.  Doesn't this face say "top me with denim" to you?

Yeah, it does to me too.

But, as you can see, I don't own a denim jacket so I had to make do with a denim shirt:

Tee: Bobeau (similar)   Skirt: Leith   Shirt: Caslon (similar)  Shoes: Madden Girl (similar, similar)

I wore it open and wondered if anyone would point out that it was not a jacket and therefore my jacket-like utilization was not okay:

And you know what?  No one did.  Possibly because they have better things to do but most likely because making do with a denim shirt works just fine.

Happy Friday, All!